We have a large assortment of bandanas specifically for rescues that are discounted just for your for the purpose to help those dogs get noticed and adopted quicker!  Just go to the Rescue Bandanas section of our website to take a look.

 Like Us on Facebook & Upload Your Photos

These to hams (below) are our dogs, Dudley and Abby!  They posed for this photo for a couple of reasons.  1) They get treats.  2)  They want to promote our Facebook page.  (Naaaa...it was really probably just for the treats)...

...but anyway, we have a couple Facebook programs to be aware of.  


1)  You can upload photos of your dogs wearing bandanas (or email them in) and we will add them to our FB page and give you a shout out with a link to your page and/or website.


2)  To share our page, just go to our page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Dog-Perk-Corporation/269772857307Then at the top click on "Build Audience" and pick "Share Page" from the dropdown menu.  THANK YOU!

Other Ways to Partner with Us

Exchange Links with Us

Feel free to email us to start a link exchange. The more links you have on other sites and vice versa, the more your site will appear in the search engines. Email us to get started. We will add you to our Rescue Page and you can add a link to us anywhere on your site.

Buy Rescue Bandanas to Show Off Your Rescue Dogs

As a rescue, you can buy any of our bandanas that we have designed specifically for rescue dogs for only at drastically reduced prices. Custom bandanas to promote your rescue can be purchased.  Once the dogs are wearing the bandanas, take cute photos of them and send them to us with a link to your website and we will put them on our facebook page.  Please let us know if the photos you send are adopted dogs or already rehomed dogs.  Thanks!!

Buy FunDog Bandanas & Resell Them for a Profit for Your Rescue

Once you buy them, just resell them at your events and make a profit for your rescue.  Just order online, or call or email with questions.