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Brandy Said:

The "seconds" arrived and Chevy, one of our foster dogs who loves to dress up, found the perfect one for her!  We are at a loss as to why you are calling most of them "seconds," since we are at a loss to find flaws with most of them.  In any event, our dogs don't care and get to look absolutely spiffy on adoption day!

Brandy G

From the Heart Rescue


Sharon said:

Hi.  I work in rescue with various groups in the Houston, TX area.  I ran across your site a few days ago and was so excited to see your stock of VERY AFFORDABLE and AWESOME VARIETY of colors with NEAT SAYINGS rescue / adopt bandanas.  I circulated your site to a lot of other rescue people and I think some have already ordered.  I just did (very small order for me, I do individual rescue, one puppy litter at a time - 6 pups and a momma right now). 

I just want to say THANK YOU for making them available.  As you probably know, rescues scramble for money and need to use most of it for the actual care and vetting of animals (especially here in Texas, so many on the streets and dumped in the shelters).  Most cannot afford the "extras" - so its very nice to have these - and as I said, cute ones with a lot of variety, so we can show our pups and dogs off as the individuals they are.  It really helps to have things that catch people's eyes and make the dog look cute, stand-out.  Your bandanas also PROMOTE adoption with their GREAT sayings, making people feel good about looking at a rescue pet.   

THANK YOU for providing these great adoption bandanas for rescue!

Sharon,Pet Rescuer,Houston, TX

Robert said:

THANK YOU!! This item arrived only TWO days after placing the order and in plenty of time for our dog to wear this at our wedding in a few weeks! It's a perfect fit and color...I couldn't be happier! Thank you! I will be ordering from you in the future, giving you an awesome review, and recommending you to everyone I know with dogs who like to wear stuff! :)

Thanks Again and have an awesome day!

The Johnson Family


Maggie said:

My order of twenty-five 'adoption' bandanas came in today--quick delivery--and I was so proud of myself for ordering them! I ordered a variety of slogans and colors. The Humane Society loved them too. 

As a foster mom for dogs at Central Mo Humane Society, I've often felt the foster pups could get adopted more quickly if they wore a sign of their availability when we were out in public. These will be wonderful for adoption events and foster parents. 

Thank you for providing these products at an affordable price. I left your contact info. with them because I predict people will want to purchase some of the other bandanas once they see these on our dogs.



Amy said:

Hi Amy,

I just wanted to let you know we received the bandanas on Tuesday and we LOVE them! Thank you so much for all of your help (and patience) with us.

We'll be sure to recommend your company to our clients and colleagues!

Thanks again & take care,


Lisa said:

I just wanted to let you know that the bandanas were a huge success!!  If you would like to take a look at the event pictures you will find many photos with the bandanas in them!


Paws For Life, Inc. | Rescued Dogs for Adoption in MD, DE, and PA

there is a link on this website to view the photos from the event, hope you have a few minutes to look through them all.  If there are any that you would like please let us know!


I have passed your information on to other rescues.

We will probably be ordering some of the sleeves for the leashes, either me or Jill will be in touch about this.

Thanks again for being so fast with our order, people were really impressed to get them at registration and most dogs were wearing them!


Rebecca said:

The bandanas look fantastic!! Thank you for your great customer service and for getting them to us so quickly! I took them in to the office this morning and everyone loved them!!


Anita said:

I received the order of bandanas you shipped for our event in July here in NH.  I also received the multiple books and other items you included in the package.  I wanted to tell you that this was about one of the nicest things a vendor has ever done, and we thank you so very much!

We are a coalition of twelve animal shelters (and growing), and I will most definitely be recommending The Dog Perk as a vendor to all of these organizations.

Thanks again!



Another note from Laura:


Good Morning Amy,

I am sending you some fun photos with shelter dogs wearing your awesome bandanas.  I made these into memes to promote shelter dogs on my facebook page.  Fortunately, all of these dogs have found their forever homes!  Your bandanas do so much to bring attention to these dogs and help the campaign to find their furever families!

Thanks again for making such great products and especially for offering them at great prices for rescues!

Laura Satterfield

Dog Walker Rescue





Laura said:

Hi Amy,

My names is Laura and I am the founder of Dog Walker Rescue a volunteer group that advocates on behalf of shelter and rescue animals.  First of all, I want to tell you how much I love your products!  I have been purchasing and donating your bandanas to area shelters and rescues.  We started taking photos of dogs from the Barry County Animal Shelter in Hastings, MI last year to promote them on our Dog Walker Rescue facebook page and blog. Our best photos are those in which shelter dogs are wearing Dog Perk bandanas!

Thank you for making these attractive, high quality bandanas available at affordable prices for rescues and shelters!  Your product really makes a difference in the lives of animals that need to be promoted in order to find their forever homes!

We are also working with Barry County Bark for Life an event to promote the dual causes of fundraising and awareness in the fight for a cure for cancer and to promote shelter and rescue dogs.  The Bark for Life campaign promotes the importance of canine companions in the lives of cancer survivors and in the lives of whoever owns a dog.  I will be purchasing more of your products to use for fundraising at The Barry County Bark for Life event coming up on June 1st.  

Thanks again for your awesome products!


Dog Walker Rescue


Colleen said:

I am the Founding President of Freedom Dogs, Inc. in Perkins, OK.  I just wanted to thank you for your great products and extremely affordable prices for rescues!  I recently bought some bandanas to use in pictures and our next event and I was very happy with the quality and your service.  Ordering was very simple, and the prices made it possible for us to buy several colors and styles.  I will send you some pictures of our dogs wearing your bandanas soon!

Thank you,

Colleen Crummy

Founding President; Freedom Dogs, Inc.


Cecila said:

Amy, Im so excited!!! We just ordered some of your fabulous bandanas for our upcoming event, and I went back to your site today and ordered MORE and some leash sleaves!! cant wait for them to get here!!! I know everyone is going to love them!!Your company ROCKS and we will get some pictures to you of our shelter babys with the bandanas soon!!!!!

Bullock County Humane Society


Martie said:

Just received the bandanas and had to send you a note to say that you did a fantastic job! We LOVE them!
We have never done this before so I was a little nervous when I opened the box…..and was so excited to actually see them and how nice they turned out. This whole experience for me, from beginning to end, was great. You were such a pleasure to work with and I wanted you to know all of this right away….Any time I can be a reference for you and your company’s work, please let me know. I would be happy to do whatever you need!

Have a great weekend!

Michelle said:

Thank you Amy!
You’ve been great to work with on this.


Club K-9 Doggy Daycare said:

Our bandanas and Leash Sleeves came yesterday and we passed out a bunch today at an event and they were a big hit! Since it was hot day we did mostly the sleeves and you could see them from far away. We only gave it to our daycare clients so it made it easy for them to find each other from the other dogs in the crowd. :)

Thanks again for the quick turn around and great customer service!

Lizzu said:

Omgosh you guys are the best, I will have the bandanas for our big adoption event on Sunday.. Thanx for supporting us.


Laura said

Not only have they shipped – we received them today! Thank you so much as always. We’re often asked at events where we got our bandanas and we always send them your way! Thanks for helping get our shelter dogs more attention at a price that’s affordable!


Pam said:

The bandanas arrived today, and they are beautiful! Now to find this boy a home… Thank you for such speedy service!


Mary Anne said:

The bandanas arrived on Saturday and we LOVE them!!! My dog already wore his to an event on Saturday afternoon. They will be a very special addition to our adoption packets. Thank you for all of your help. I am sure we will be ordering more in the future.


Janet said:

Thank you so much for our bandanas! They look amazing!! I bet we will run out soon and will have to order more. Your prices and service are fantastic and we will definitely be recommending you to anyone who needs bandanas :)


Lori said:

Hi! This is Betty sportin’ her very first bandana… and she loves it!
Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be ordering more : )

The bandana is so soft… I was afraid that it would be rough around her neck but it’s really soft. Great product!


Kim said:

Thank you!! I can’t wait to get them! I belong to a dog owner meetup group in San Antonio with over 1,000 members. I’m sure when my friends see these cute bandanas you’ll see a spike in orders from S.A.! Thanks for an awesome product!


Nina said:

I just received the Adopt Me bandannas and wanted to let you know they look fantastic. I also can’t believe how fast I received them.

Thank you.


A.M. said:

The folks at the Dog Perk were awesome! Customer service was immediate, and responsive. Shipping was fast. And the sleeves are easily visible – which is great when we walk her near other people. They have a line of rescue dog ones – adopt me, blind dog, deaf dog, therapy dog, etc. They also carry humorous ones like “treat junkie” and “wiggle butt”. I am sure with the classes you teach, and your work with the shelter these will come in handy.


Phyllis said:

Hi Amy, I just received my first order yesterday and it was perfect timing. I was able to take everything to a huge adoption event at the local shelter here in San Antonio last night. The bandanas are awesome and the leash sleeves are perfect! I’m ordering more today! Thanks so much for having great products at reasonable prices for us rescuers.


A Puppy Mom said:

Hi. Got my order super fast. Thanks!!


Candice said:

Wow, you guys are great!


Staci from Big Lake said:

I was just at the Minnesota State Fair and bought my Pug-Otis and Boston-Zoey a dog treat on a stick and gave it them the next morning and I have have to say that they ABSOULTLEY LOVED them!! They were quite for hours just chewing on them!



Kim said:

Thank you so much the order arrived and is wonderful. All the volunteers at our shelter love your bandanas! And thank you so much for the added T-shirts, that was so very nice of you. We will definitely be able to use them as both a fundraiser and for our hard working volunteers. Be assured we also will help promote your business!


Heather said:

Thank you SO much Amy! Great customer service! You’re the best :)


Scottie said:

The bandanas arrived, bright and crisp. Very nicely done. Fast shipping. Thank you for great service.


Lynne said:

Amy, I meant to tell you right after I opened the box that I LOVE THEM!!!!!!!
You guys did such a wonderful job and I can’t thank you enough for your efforts on our behalf. I can’t wait to see all the doggies sporting their new bandanas!


Brittany said:

Hey Amy. Just wanted to let you know we did receive the bandannas, they look awesome!!! I will be sure to order from you next year.


Jennifer said:

Thank you so much for your quality and great service!


Allison said:

The bandanas look great! They came in the mail yesterday!! I am so excited to use them. I will celebrating one year in business at the end of July and am thinking about holding an event and now I wish I had ordered 100 instead of 50. I don’t know how popular they will be but I am having a booth at a community event on the 14th so I guess I can see what kind of response I get. Thanks again! J


Devin said:

Customer service is excellent! Proofs of the design were provided in a matter of minutes and product shipped well before promise date. I highly recommend this service.



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Hi Amy,

Hi Amy,


Hi Amy,